Didn’t do exactly what I said I would. Yet, I’m still on track.

Deciding where to stow the duct tape made me wonder if I should mark the location by the ceramic bunny now on my desk. The thinking is this: if I move the bunny will I be able to locate the tape? Thinking of the bunny, I recalled my recent triumph with gluing his broken ear back on after he sat on a wall, had a great fall. Could I do it again? I took the technology of the bunny repair and applied it to the toilet-paper cabinet that lost some of its base due to a wood-splitting notty-wood-type problem. In the bunny case, I used Elmer’s glue and braced the repair with packing tape, without realizing I had used the last of the packing tape and should throw out the dispenser. Aha! Another job for colorful duct tape. If it holds. The bunny project had to be re-done. I was thinking of trying a hat or a bandage instead. My life was so depressing when I judged every experience by success or failure or the color of horse show ribbon I received. Now, I know I am merely collecting knowledge and performing real-life experiments. My hypothesis: A 52-year-old woman with a bachelor’s degree in journalism can successfully repair the base of a toilet paper closet with glue and a duct tape brace…But now, we wait.