Good morning, Saturday, February 15, 2014. I am writing an article about how Florida is No. 1 in an unenviable contest: the number of foreclosures. Let’s allow the mind to wander in a positive direction. PBS infomercial psychiatrist Daniel Amen says you can warm your hands through self-hypnosis by thinking of how it feels to hold something warm like a puppy or a baby. Can I take that notion in a slightly different direction by imagining how it feels to stand on the front lawn of a Florida foreclosure? Nope, not working.

In the meantime, at least some of the snow that fell over the past few days is still on the back deck and pathway. I could get some exercise by shoveling it and putting out rock salt. Perhaps that would help me sleep better. School cancellations play havoc with my other life — part-time school bus driver.

Both of my morning schools put announcements on their web pages on Wednesday night saying school would be delayed Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the first school said they would be delayed by two hours and the second school said they would be delayed by 90 minutes. Seems like I would be late for the second school, or not. Both schools made their announcements tentative; they would make the final decision by 5 a.m. Thursday. More reason not to sleep well.

Exercise is said to help with sleep. You mean like shoveling off the deck? But the shovel is out in the car around in the corner in the parking lot. You mean walking out there would be more exercise. Yeah, but my feet are already frozen and I’m sitting in the house.

What will I do? How is that for a cliffhanger?